I believe in the power of self love and fantasy. And although self love is different for everyone, I’m all for the power of getting in front of the camera and nurturing this.

♥ Fantasy and playfulness should be part of everyone's life. 

♥ I think everyone should have at least one photo of themselves that they absolutely adore. 

♥ I know that getting in front of the camera can be one of the most empowering experience. 

♥ The way we see ourselves is one of the most powerful indicators of success. This of course, means different things to different people. 

♥ Personal style and self image is a fantastic way to change your day for the better. 

♥ I collaborate with kickass babes to celebrate and capture their inner spirit by creating fantabulously styled portraits. 

♥ I believe a portrait session should be fun, meaningful and unforgettable way to discover your essence and capture it in an art form.  

♥ I'm passionate about style, nostalgia and fantasy and strive to use them to create the ultimate portrait session for my clients. 

♥ I love to go that extra go that  extra step to create magic. 

♥ I advocate self love and manifest that passion in all that I do. 

♥ Photoshoots must be fun and involve chats, be silliness and lots of laughs. 

♥ Cruelty-free, vegan makeup and hair products prove that style need not be sacrificed in order to choose a kinder path. 

♥ I live to be inspired and to inspire others.

♥ Living a full life, taking risks, doing new things and being in touch with spirit are all equally important to me.

♥ I believe in beautiful surprises, kindness and creating memories to treasure forever. I also love going the extra mile to please and would rather take my time to get it right than rush something to make a quick buck. 

♥ I aim for your client experience to be unforgettable. 

♥ A photo shoot is the ultimate way to play dress ups and live their vintage or fashion fantasy for a day. I strive to always create images that are timeless, otherworldly, nostalgic and as individual as you. 

♥ Collaborating with me in my artistic journey is like jumping on a train called The Creative Express - Jump aboard, channel your inner kickass babe and soak up the magic!