Frequently Asked Questions


I like what I see, how do I book a photo shoot with you?


You can book a session with me via my online booking page. Once you have paid and secured your session, I will email you and lock in a date. We will then converse via email and discuss concepts and themes for your photo session.

What is your cancellation policy?


All session deposits are non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule I require at least 10 days notice prior to your session date. I understand that sometimes re-scheduling your session is unavoidable, so transferring your deposit to secure a new date is possible with notice, however a second re-scheduling of your session with require an additional rescheduling fee.


Do you only photograph models?

Hell no!  Do not fret! Most of my clients are everyday women just like you. Every woman should take part in a creative portrait session at least once. It’s such an empowering experience. Not only is it a great way to boost your self esteem and step out of your comfort zone, you also get a few hours of pampering and create a wonderful memory!

I give complete guidance during the shoot in regards to posing. No experience is required! Although you may feel nervous before we get started, I assure you that it will be fun and not as daunting as you may think. Please don’t be nervous about not knowing how to pose!  I guide you the whole way through, I help you with suggestion for wardrobe you should bring and  help you pick a theme just right for you! I’m a chatterbox and know what I want in my images, so I’ll definitely get you moving, talking and laughing. So, trust me, be yourself and have a damn good time!


How do you describe your style?


My style is sometimes hard to describe, but I know what I like. I aim to create art that hasn’t existed before. I take inspiration from past eras, high fashion, fine art portraiture and pop culture. Others have told me my work has a cinematic feel, like a still of an arthouse movie. Photography can be seen as a film still of life and my work creates memories to capture rather than capturing them as they unfold, so that word is rather perfect!

Empowerment is also a huge component in my work. The process of getting in front of the camera and taking the risk at being vulnerable is an extremely powerful action that I can speak about personally. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all women.

I’m in the zone when creativity is flowing and something new is born in the moment, That’s the magic!


Do you provide wardrobe?


Both the Deluxe and Double Luxe Packages included wardrobe styling (Standard package includes some styling). However, you are welcome to bring along outfits and garments that you feel incredible wearing.


Can I choose my own theme for the session?


I help you create a concept and look that combines your unique look, the reference/inspiration images you send through (pre-shoot consultation) and my artistic vision. Trust in the process and let’s have fun!


Am I allowed to bring a friend to my photoshoot?


I understand some may feel nervous and want to bring a friend along for support. I do prefer a closed set for best results, therefore I recommend you come to your scheduled photo session alone. I highly recommend not bringing partners as they can cause you to lose focus which can adversely effect the final images and indeed the entire experience.


If you would like to experience a session with your girlfriends, why not book a Photo Shoot Party?


How should I prepare for my shoot?


After I receive a deposit and your session is secured, I will send you information in regards to booking your session including a pre-shoot preparation checklist.

Hair is one of the things that takes the longest to prepare, especially vintage styles. In order for your shoot to run on time and for your hair to look it’s best, I request that you arrive with day old product free straight hair. If your hair is extremely curly please straighten it as much as possible, as there will not be enough time to straighten your hair.  


My sessions are all about you and letting your inner (and outer!) beauty and essence shine through. There isn’t a lot you should do to prepare. It’s natural to feel a little nervous about your session, but promise me you want  go on some crazy diet, spray yourself orange with fake tan or get a radical new hair color. I understand the female body and it’s my job to find the most flattering poses for your body type and personality. You are in capable hands, so you can relax, enjoy and feel sexy in your own skin. I recommend you do a little research and send me through photos of hair, makeup and poses you would like to try. I encourage you to think about how you want to look, this helps me understand how you want your images to turn out (sweet, bold, strong, sexy. fun, smoldering or playful etc). While my portrait sessions allow you to showcase your beauty, it’s your time to shine and live out a fantasy for a few hours – Be that rockstar or Old Hollywood bombshell.


I woke up with a pimple on my face, what should I do?


Firstly, don’t pick or squeeze it, that will only make it more noticeable and harder to cover up. Secondly, this is precisely why I professionally edit all my final images. Every woman has her flaws and in order to create a memorable and beautiful work of art, it is best to remove or tone down unwanted blemishes. Every photo is photoshopped to some degree and I believe if it’s done well you can’t really tell. Instead of focusing on things such as pimples, we can focus on your best features.


Do you use cruelty-free makeup and hair products?

As a passionate vegan, I only use 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup and hair products in my shoots. I also don’t allow real fur or feathers (or anything really obviously not vegan friendly) to be used in any of my work. It was a decision I made shortly after going vegan and felt that in order to live with integrity I had to draw a line on certain things. If you have a concept in mind that perhaps includes fur or feathers, I’m more than happy to discuss using more ethical alternatives. There’s nothing like adversity to spark creativity and I love a challenge.


Where does the shoot session take place?


Photo sessions are by appointment only and take place in my studio in Alexandria.


Do you only shoot in a studio with artificial lighting?


No, but I choose to move into a studio, so that weather should never dictate when I could shoot. If you are open to the idea of shooting in beautiful natural light, please let me know once you have secured your booking. I will certainly do my best depending on the weather on the day of your shoot and of course the concept we choose.


Do you give out unedited or raw files?


No, I never release unedited or raw files of my work. Editing is an essential part of my art and the unedited files do not represent my work as a photographer and thus I am the only one that will edit these.


How will I view my un-edited photos to pick my favorites?


One week after your photo shoot I will email you a link through a password protected album. You will then be able to view your un-edited pictures.You will  send me your photo choices along with the file numbers.


How long does it take to receive my prints?


This depends on the number of edits you purchase. Most orders are fulfilled in approximately 2-3 weeks.


Why do all packages include prints?


Quite simply, because every woman should have a beautiful photo of themselves on their wall. After the initial experience of your photo shoot, I want you to be reminded on the day and how beautiful you are every day.


What forms of payment do you accept?


You can secure your session and purchase additional edits by using a credit card via melissakatherine.com. Remaining session payments can be paid by credit card or with cash. If paying by cash, please bring the exact amount.